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Olga Jonas

Economic Adviser, Health, Nutrition & Population Team, World Bank

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Olga joined the World Bank in 1983 through the Young Professionals program, as a macroeconomist. She led policy reform operations and analytical work in Africa for 13 years, worked on several IDA replenishments and a range of related policies, coordinated management responses to emergencies, extractive industries and structural adjustment reviews, and worked with the international task force on small states, and on response to the Indian Ocean tsunami. Since 2006 she has coordinated the Bank's program to reduce the avian and pandemic influenza threats, in close collaboration with external and internal partners. Before joining the World Bank, she held positions at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, the Bank for International Settlements, and the OECD. She studied geology at Williams College and economic policy, international trade and finance, labor economics, and urban economics at Princeto