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Pichaya "Noi" Fitts joined the World Bank in 2007 as communications officer for its Thailand office. Before joining the World Bank, she worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Papua New Guinea, where she interned in 2004 after graduating from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

Like many external affairs officers at the World Bank, Noi had a successful journalism career and holds an M.A. in communications. The late Audrey Hepburn, Robert De Niro, Kenny G, Jon Bon Jovi, Mel Gibson, and Greek musician Yanni are among the international celebrities she has interviewed and photographed. Shaking hand with Colin Powell when he was the US Secretary of State was Noi’s most exciting moment. Her less proud moment was in 1997, when she bumped into Bruce Willis at the launch of Planet Hollywood in Bangkok. She wished she had a better thing to say to him than, "I’m just looking for the bathroom."

Noi has a soft spot for children and old people, and she is addicted to Thai massage. When she's not glued to the computer writing about Thailand, she dreams of becoming the Thai female version of Tiger Woods. For now, she intends to keep her job at the World Bank because there is no way she could make any money golfing.