Rahat Jabeen- Environmental Specialist

Rahat Jabeen

Environmental Specialist

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Rahat Jabeen is an environmental professional working at the World Bank with more than 20 years of experience, in sustainable environment and natural resources management (ENRM) includes forests, fisheries, freshwater, coastal ecosystems. She believes that sustainably managed ENRM will support livelihoods and strong economies and builds a world better prepared for shocks and global challenges like climate change and food scarcity to reduce the poverty and enhance prosperity.

At the World Bank her main job is to provide the technical support to the client in three core business lines, namely: (i) forests, watersheds and sustainable landscapes; (ii) marine, coastal and aquatic resources; and (iii) pollution management and environmental health. Rahat is mainly working to implement the World Bank’s environmental and social framework in effective environmental risk management and sustainability at the project level to improve the development outcome as well as creating opportunities to advance sustainable development. In addition to that Rahat played a key technical team members role in various analytical studies published by the Bank’s Environmental Global Practice such as Revitalizing Pakistan’s Fisheries, Options for Sustainable Development, Forest for Green Pakistan- Forest Policy Note and Opportunities for a Green and Clean Pakistan. A Country Environmental Analysis (CEA). Rahat secured Doctor of Philosophy degree in environmental science, natural resources.