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Robert Wrobel

Social Development Specialist

Robert Wrobel is a Social Development specialist with over ten years of experience in East and South Asia, including Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. Mr. Wrobel currently serves as the Jakarta-based Task Team Leader for the Government of Indonesia’s National Community Empowerment "Healthy and Bright Generation" Program, or PNPM Generasi. PNPM Generasi is an innovative CDD program that uses incentivized block grants to target three lagging Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in maternal and child health and basic education, which was recently scaled up by the Indonesian government to cover over 6,000 rural villages. In Afghanistan he held senior management positions with the National Solidarity Program (NSP), the largest development operation in the country worth US$400 million at the time. He led the program’s strategic response to the growing insurgency: the “High Risk Areas Strategy,” which was adopted by NSP in 2008 and scaled up in late 2009. Mr Wrobel’s technical interests and expertise include designing, overseeing and adapting large-scale CDD operations in complex environments, and diagnosing the constraints to quality service delivery in rural contexts.