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Roberto Rocha

Senior Adviser, Middle East and North Africa

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Roberto Rocha was a young professional at the IMF and transferred to the World Bank in 1985, where he has been since then. In his career in the Bank, he has been involved in extensive research and operational work in the areas of financial sector development, bank and enterprise reforms, and pension reform. In 1993, Roberto moved to the World Bank’s regional office in Budapest, as a lead economist, where he stayed during the remainder of the decade. During this period, he led the World Bank’s work in the areas of bank, enterprise, and pension reform in several transition countries. In 2003, Roberto transferred to the financial sector anchor, first as lead economist for the pensions and insurance unit and later as manager of the financial policy development unit. Roberto has recently become the senior advisor for the Middle East and North Africa Region, and is leading the financial sector flagship, a comprehensive stock-taking report of financial development in the MENA region.