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Sheila Jagannathan

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Lead Learning Specialist and Program Manager

Sheila Jagannathan is Lead Learning Specialist and Program Manager of the e-Institute. The e-Institute is part of the Growth and Competitiveness Practice of the World Bank Institute (WBI). Her experience is at the intersection of technology and learning. She has worked for more than 28 years in private and public sector organizations in designing and managing distance learning programs and knowledge products in the United States, East Asia, China, the Middle East and North Africa, and more recently in Africa and South Asia.

Prior to joining the World Bank in 2011, she worked in the private sector in the United States, providing advisory services on distance learning and knowledge management for key clients such as the Department of Defense, Boeing, and CitiBank. In India, she led the work on e-learning targeted toward public sector organizations at Computer Maintenance Corporation, which was later merged with the TATA group.

She has a Masters degree, and Certificates of Advanced Graduate study in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University. She has also completed all the requirements except for the dissertation toward a PhD on applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to design Intelligent Tutoring Systems. She is passionate about e-learning and its opportunities for development. Her current interests range from pedagogy and technologies, including serious games, social technologies, open source content and tools, collaborative platforms, and future e-learning trends.

Her recent publications include:

MOOCs and Open Education around the World, edited by Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, and Thomas H. Reynolds, Routledge Publishing (forthcoming 2015)

Blended E-learning in the Context of International Development: Global Perspectives, Local Design of e-Courses

Moodle: A Low-Cost Solution for Successful e-Learning, e-Learning Guild

M-Powering the Poor through Mobile Learning: Pedagogical Perspectives, forthcoming publication in Handbook of Mobile Learning