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Steven Schonberger

Practice Manager, Africa
Mr. Schonberger is a Practice Manager for the Africa Region, as well as Global Lead for Water in Agriculture with World Bank’s Water Global Practice.  In this capacity, Mr. Schonberger ensures that the World Bank is providing the highest quality technical and implementation support to clients in the Region through its lending, analytical, advisory and other knowledge exchange services, as well as ensuring knowledge exchange and effective linkage to global best practice.

Mr. Schonberger is an economist who has worked in the public, private and civil society sectors on issues of agricultural development, water resources management, agribusiness and rural and microfinance services.  In addition to the World Bank, Mr. Schonberger has worked with private banks in his native California, in farming in several parts of the World, and with United Nations agencies such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development.   
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