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Toni Joe Lebbos

Economics and Health Consultant

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Toni Joe Lebbos is an economics, social development, and health consultant at the World Bank Group with experience working in low and middle income countries in MENA and West Africa. He has extensive experience in conflict contexts with operational work spanning across Guinea, Iraq, Lebanon, as part of the Health Global Practice. He also has significant research experience with contribution to analytical work in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, and the Global Efficient Clean Cooking and Heating initiative. Furthermore, Toni Joe is part of the World Bank SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) core team where he is supporting the development of indicators that aim to better measure LGBTI inclusion across countries.

Toni Joe holds an MA in development economics from Yale University, an MSc in finance from the University of Porto, and a BA in finance from the Lebanese American University.