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Yan Wang

Senior Economist, Growth and Competitiveness unit, World Bank Institute, World Bank

Dr. Yan WANG is Senior Economist in the Growth and Competitiveness unit, World Bank Institute. Yan Wang joined the Bank in 1993 as an Economist in EAPVP. In this capacity she contributed to a number of regional studies including Managing Capital Flows in East Asia, and China: Old Age Security: Pension System Reform. Yan subsequently joined WBI as a Senior Economist, where she has served as TTL for a range of research and training programs in the fields of finance, and investment climate. In the past few years, a key focus of her work has been on South-South Cooperation and China-Africa Development Cooperation. Most recently, she served as Research Coordinator of OECD-DAC and China Study Group for two years, and Program Leader for WBI's Investment Climate program. She has authored /coauthored a number of publications including “Leading Dragons Phenomenon” (2012) with Justin Yifu Lin and Vandana Chandra, “Economic Transformation: How it happened in China, Helping it happen in Africa (China-DAC Study Group, v.II)”, “Banking Sector Openness and Growth”, “Corporate Governance among China’s Stock-holding Companies,” “The Quality of Growth: Fiscal Policy for Better Results” with Vinod Thomas; “Sources of China’s Economic Growth 1952-2000,” and “The Quality of Growth” (2000). She has received several awards including the SUN Yefang Award in Economics (the highest award in economics in China), McNamara Fellowship and Fulbright Scholarship. She holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University, and taught economics as a tenure-track assistant professor before joining the World Bank.