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Yuko Okazawa

Urban Specialist

Yuko Okazawa has been engaged in various urban development projects for 10 years, and is currently an Urban Specialist with the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) under GSURR. In her current position she leads TDLC’s operational support programs for both urban and DRM projects regarding slum upgrading, spatial analytics, transit oriented development, flood risk management, etc. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was based in Vietnam as an urban planner at ALMEC Corporation, and has experience working in Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines and Thailand. Main projects undertaken during her previous role include the Vietnam Urbanization Review of the World Bank in which she served as a member of the author team for the Urban Planning, Land, and Housing background report. She also has experience in working on macro-scale plans such as Master Plans and micro-scale plans such as station area development plans of mass transit projects. She has also worked for capacity building projects for local officials on urban/ regional plan formulation and development control in Vietnam through writing manuals on urban and regional development for use in training courses and lecturing in some of them. She has Master’s degrees in Urban Planning from the University of Cambridge, UK and Civil Engineering (hydrology) from the University of Tokyo, Japan.