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Yutaka Yoshino is Economist with a joint appointment in the Office of the Chief Economist and the Office of the Sector Director, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management of the Africa Region. His areas of specialization are international trade, industrial organization, and public economics. His current research interests include: domestic investment climate and economic integration of low-income countries; economic geography and regional integration; and South-South trade and investment and export diversification.

He co-authored the World Bank report Patterns of Africa-Asia Trade and Investment (2004), was a key contributor to Africa’s Silk Road (2007), and continues working on Africa-Asia trade and investment. His past research also includes several publications on the topic of environmental policies and international trade such as "Testing for Pollution Havens Inside and Outside of Regional Trading Blocs," (with M. Kahn) published in Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy in 2004.

Prior to the World Bank, he was Economic Attaché at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations (1995-1998), a summer associate at Resources for the Future (2001), and an undergraduate economics lecturer at theUniversityofVirginia(2002). He obtained master’s degrees fromColumbiaUniversity(international relations) and from theUniversityofVirginia(economics), Ph.D. in economics from theUniversityofVirginia.

Contact: [email protected]

Selected publications:

  • “Domestic Constraints, Firm Characteristics, and Geographical Diversification of Firm-Level Manufacturing Exports inAfrica,” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4575, March 2008.
  • "Testing for Pollution Havens Inside and Outside of Regional Trading Blocs," (with M. Kahn), Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 4, No. 2, Article 4, 2004. (Reprinted in D.Fullerton ed., Economics of Pollution Haven, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2006.
  • Pattern of Africa-Asia Trade and Investment: Potential for Ownership and Partnership (with T. Toyoshima), World Bank 2004.
  • "Multilateral Trade Agreements and Market-Based Environmental Policies," (with C. Fisher and S. Hoffman), in J. Milne, K. Deketelaere, L. Kreiser, H. Ashiabor, eds., Critical Issues in International Environmental Taxation: International and Comparative Perspectives, Richmond Law and Tax Ltd., 2003.
  • "Trade and the Environmental Agreements," (with C. Fisher and S. Hoffmann), Sustainable Development Issue Backgrounder, Resources for the Future, 2002.
  • "Inter-Linkages among Trade, Environment and Development and Implications toJapan," GRIPS Development Forum Policy Minutes, No. 15, 2002.

Other policy-oriented papers:

  • “Migration, Agglomeration, and Pollution: An Economic Geography Model of Trade and the Environment.” Mimeo. 2006.
  • Key technical background papers for Africa’s Silk Road: China and India’s New Economic Frontier. 2006
  • “Sectoral Growth and Export Promotion Strategies forNiger’s Agricultural Products,” (with J-M Marchat), World Bank Africa Region Private Sector Group, 2005.
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