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Submitted by Iman on
Dear Professor Hoekman, I would appreciate more elaboration and information on the following quoted statement, as I though that for air transport, it is not about the Doha round of negotiations, but according to the annex on air transport, the traffic rights are excluded from the agreement and there are only three sub-sectors covered by GATS, which are included in the Doha round of negotiations and are covered in many offers and in talks regarding domestic regulations, the same applies to maritime transport which I believe is not being dealt with separately or is handled in the negotiations. "Thus, in the WTO’s Doha Round, despite being part of the so-called “single undertaking,” talks on trade facilitation are separate from negotiations on services and each service sector is considered separately from each other. Key sectors for supply chains, such as air and maritime transport, are handled in other fora or absent from negotiations altogether" Thanks in advance.