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Submitted by Peter Baish on

Good article Gerard.

Some points:
1. Some agencies derive their operating revenue, all or in part, from fees collected. Simplification is asking them to kill their funding.
2. Some agencies are duplicate Customs services and do not want to lose staffing and status.
3. Like you stated in your article, many agencies have not adopted more modern methods of processing like Customs. A 2 hour Customs release does little good if the other agency takes a week.
4. A single window should use a true SAD (Single Administrative Document) to collect their information and cut down on the number of forms that need to be prepared.
5. A single window should focus on the licenses, permits and certificates needed for import and export. Eliminate or allow filing of these with the Customs declaration/entry.
6. Drive the Single Window through the gathering of user requirements from the Trade Community.
7. Ensure that Customs Brokers and corrupt government servants are not collecting bribes in exchange for clearing the cargo. If corruption is present, single window is impossible to implement.

I hope the Laos experiment is fruitful. Best Always,