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Submitted by Ted Haas on

I agree with the post. I have been involved in helping (in a very small way) the United States move forward in their Single Window implementation at ITDS (International Trade Data System. One of the key requirements for the single window to soar would be to have a classifications system wide and deep enough to help automated the multiple jurisdiction instances. The initial report on this can be found on the ITDS site at
Much work has been done since with pilots, with very good results. The latest presentation can be found on the ITDS site at
My understanding is that The WCO is also aware of these initiatives and looking favorably on them (but obviously much more work needs to be done) I would claim that the e-commerce code set best positioned to help achieve the single window may well be the UNSPSC which is owned by The UNDP and managed by GS1. At the risk of being perceived as too bold or forward. I can envision a day in the not too distant future where all the national single windows can talk with each other and clear and consistent visibility of global trade can be created. This seems to be already underway in the area of medical Devices where The United States is standing up The UDI (Unique device Identifier) and The IMDRF ( I understand it) is working to stand up a global network of regional medical devices approval and auditing offices based on UDI