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Submitted by Enrique Rebolledo on
Hi Holly, Thanks for putting this together. It is a very useful. In addition to what Harvey has mentioned, I also want to highlight the rather informal incentive system of dateros. They also communicate to "route" managers, to punish those units that don't follow the rules of the system, not only because this reduces their revenue related to proper demand management, but because it is more costly to the route to have units infringing the law, or causing accidents. I remember doing some work with routes in Mexico City, and they have a "private" system, where each fault is penalized with operators limited access to the route. And as Holly said, they are aware of their dilemma, so they internalise this penalty onto their behavior. Clearly this is not enough for proper dispatch, but together with the 10cent GPS, a tablet (as mentioned by Harvey), and a system to track performance, authorities in developing countries would be better prepared to discuss alternatives to direct regulation. Congratulations! Enrique