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  • Reply to: ​Using open tools to create the digital map of Cairo’s public transit   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Hey great article!!

    We have been working in a very similar project for the last 7 months which aims to ease commuting using public transportation in Cairo, Egypt through better understanding of the transportation network with the help of today's easily accessible technology.
    In summary the goal is to have a mobile application, something like google maps app and a website, that provides a trip routing service for free.

    So we would love to share our experience and thoughts about the project with you. And learn from your experience in Cairo.

    So please if possible can you send me back to my email I included in this post. I will send you more information about the project and the team. Also ill walk you through our progress so far. We believe that discussing the project with experts like you will always lead to better quality, thus better serving people.

  • Reply to: ​Using open tools to create the digital map of Cairo’s public transit   2 months 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your post :-)
    Are there amy updates regarding the GTFS?

  • Reply to: Changing lives along the road in Honduras   2 months 2 weeks ago

    Estimada Marcela Silva y Grupo del Banco Mundial
    Felicitaciones por el trabajo de mejora en la infraestructura de carreteras de Honduras. He tenido la fortuna de visitar en varias oportunidades a Honduras desarrollando consultorías para plan de electrificación rural con Generadores Solares Fotovoltaicos, entre ellas financiadas por el Banco Mundial, especialmente para la zona costera del Dpto. Colón, transitando muchos Kilómetros de tierra, varios de ellos anegados y con puentes muy precarios, por lo que sería oportuno revisar la red de carreteras de esas aisladas regiones
    Desde Córdoba, Argentina, reciban mis saludos cordiales y quedando a sus ordenes por el tema de electrificación rural
    Emilio Gudemos

  • Reply to: ​Using open tools to create the digital map of Cairo’s public transit   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Great to hear about this work. We also have a number of GTFS tools that could be of assistance. Please feel free to contact us at

  • Reply to: Want dramatic road safety results? Look to South Korea.   3 months 21 min ago

    Hello, South Korea's statistics are very impressive. It is wonderful to see road safety measures applied and very successful. We are trying to reduce the number of road accidents in Kenya caused by Public Service Vehicles. The campaing is called Zusha, the drive behind the campaign is urging passengers to speak up against reckless driving. In the research stage of Zusha, road accidents caused by PSVs was reduced by 50%. Hopefully the current stage will be more successful. You can get more information about our campaign in Kenya via our website