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Raja Bentaouet Kattan

Country Manager
Raja Bentaouet Kattan, is currently the country Manager for Yemen in the Middle East and North Africa Region. She leads and implements the World Bank’s country engagement strategy in Yemen, manages the partnership with Yemeni authorities, civil society, private sector, and international development partners for Yemen’s recovery and reconstruction,  and provides strategic leadership to the country team.  Prior to this position,  she was a Lead Specialist at the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. In that role, Raja led the East Asia regional skills agenda, served as one of the main authors of the Flagship report “Growing Smarter – Education Quality and Economic Prosperity in East Asia and the Pacific” and advised teams working on education operations.  Raja joined the Bank in 2002  in the Human Development Unit and has since worked in different regions, including Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and East Asia. She has  held various positions including as  Program Leader for Human Development coordinating  the programs in education,  health and nutrition, social protection and labor, and jobs in West Africa. Raja  holds a PhD from Georgetown University.