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Antonio Nucifora

Lead Economist
Antonio Nucifora is the World Bank’s Lead Country Economist for Brazil.  Since joining the Bank, he has worked on Central and Eastern European countries, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa Region.  In his most recent assignment prior to Brazil, Nucifora was based in Tunis where he was the Lead Country Economist for Tunisia. He arrived in Tunis one week before the January 2011 revolution and subsequently led the Bank’s policy advice to the Government of Tunisia, with a series of large high-profile multi-donor Development Policy Lending operations. He also coordinated the Bank’s vast analytical program in Tunisia spanning poverty and inequality, macroeconomic policy, financial sector, labor markets, investment and private sector development, and trade policy.  Prior to Tunisia, Nucifora was the Senior Country Economist for Malawi and Mozambique. He worked with the Government of Malawi to pilot a national drought-insurance contract in the international weather derivatives market.  In Mozambique he was very active in the donor harmonization structure, working to simplify and improve the effectiveness of the donor-coordination system and ensure a greater focus on policy dialogue.  Nucifora holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, where he was also a Rhodes Scholar, and a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE).  At the LSE he also received his Bachelor Degree in economics and international trade and development.
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