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Jamal Ibrahim Haidar is a PhD student at the Paris School of Economics. In 2011, he was a member of a team working on the development of the first-ever global database on exporter growth and dynamics, built based on firm-level export data. Previously, he worked at the World Bank, IFC, IIF, Deloitte, and UN-ESCWA on more than 10 developing countries in different geographic regions. His research has focused on three sectors: (i) private sector development, particularly on the implementation and impact of business regulatory reforms around the world as well as on infrastructure privatization in the Middle East and North Africa; (ii) trade, particularly on trade facilitation in developing countries as well as the connection between trade and productivity in India before and after firms' participation in export market; and (iii) finance, particularly on currency crisis transmission as well as sovereign credit risk in the Euro zone. His current research is about exporters dynamics and job creation. He holds a masters degree in applied economics from Johns Hopkins University and a master degree in international finance from Cass Business School.