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Arab world unemployment: Relief in the short run?

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On our Arab Voices and Views blog, Steen Jorgensen writes about high unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa, where governments are wondering how to provide immediate relief while keeping their economies growing.

"The answer for those with lower skills probably lies in providing government-funded contracts to small entrepreneurs for labor-intensive upgrading and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure such as roads and irrigation canals," he writes.

As part of the Spring Meetings, the Bank's Middle East and North Africa team will host an April 17 workshop on employment and safety nets in the region. Watch a live webcast from 17:30 - 19:30 GMT.

Read Steen's full blog post.



Submitted by James Martone on
Not to miss is also a new report under the Arab World Initiative linking solar power to the creation of new jobs in Middle East and North Africa...

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