Bank to give Mexico $205 million for swine flu


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Augustin Carstens, Development Committee Chair, Finance Minister, MexicoAt the Development Committee closing press conference, Bank President Bob Zoellick together with Agustín Carstens, who is Mexico's Finance Minister as well as Development Committee Chair, announced that the Bank is giving Mexico more than $205 million to help the country fight the Swine Flu virus.

According to news reports, the virus has killed up to 81 people in Mexico city and a sickened more than a thousand people since the outbreak began.

“We're extremely grateful for the prompt response by the World Bank -- such promptness is always very, very appreciated,” said Carstens. “But beyond resources, what is also important is all the experience that the World Bank has accumulated in precisely having assisted other countries in this type of situation."

The project will be fast-tracked so that funds can be disbursed within 3-5 weeks.



Nina Vucenik

Communications Officer

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Frank Brown
April 30, 2009

Mexico has enough domestic issues to deal with...the Swine flu is the cherry on top. I'm glad the World Bank has decided to give $205 Million to help facilitate treatment for those who have symptoms. Hopefully this will help Mexico formulate a strategic plan to battle the H1M1. Until then...we'll all have to put up with the media hysteria.

Frank Brown
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