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A Bold New

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New website. just got a pretty significant makeover. The design is more modern – with less clutter and better use of visuals (images, video, graphics). The navigation is more streamlined and, we hope, more intuitive for you. We know thousands of you rely on our website for research, data and knowledge to help you solve some of the world’s most challenging problems in your own line of work. You use it to connect with experts and learn about projects around the world. You use it to find a job. You use it to hold us accountable. 

We pride ourselves on being an open and transparent organization, and finding what you are looking for on our website is paramount to that.
Initial testing of the new design shows great improvement in ‘way finding.’ Where visitors were previously able to find what they were looking for only 30% of the time, in this new design the success rate jumps to 80%. 
As with anything new, it might take some time to get used to all the changes. It’s important that we hear from you about what’s not working. It’s also nice to hear what is.
Please continue to share your feedback by leaving a comment on this blog, or clicking through to our very short survey.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Submitted by olatunji sunday on

it is my pleasure to subscribing to the world bank

Submitted by Stephen Doctor Matatia on

It is my heart felt pleasure to at last join the World Bank, educative group .today I am very happy I am from South Sudan .I am the D/G of Foreign Trade in the ministry of Trade and Industry I will surely benefit from bunch of knowledge f the W/B international organization.

Submitted by christopher on

so awesome

Submitted by benson esomojumi on

it my great pleasure to subscribe worldbank press releases and timely information

Submitted by Kristine Evia on

Job well done!! Congrats to the web communications team!

Submitted by Hanna, Mohsen on

Thank you for your great job.
1- Is it available the classification of what careers are needed and how many professional and executive, labours are needed for covering the real needs of life for each 1 , 10 , 100s million person ?

2- Can we prepare an application count the active percentages for using the workforce power mixing with the other source powers realizing for achieving the best community return for using the available workforce power?

Submitted by edileide de Farias costa on

Muito obrigado

Submitted by kipngetich Kirui Ronald on


Submitted by Chitpasong Vannavong on

Thank you.

Submitted by Oben Agbor Enow Catherine Molie on

It is a great pleasure to be a part of the World Bank Group, cos I know am going to learn a lot of things that will make me grow and develop my potentials in the business world and to help the less priviledged

Submitted by Rajesh Bhardwaj on

It is my heart felt pleasure to at last join the World Bank, educative group .today I am veryto be a part of the World Bank Group, cos I know am going to learn a lot of things that will make me grow and develop my potentials in the business world and to help the less priviledged.i m from india.

Submitted by Surendra Kumar Gupta on

Hopeful, if somehow we would be able to educate pupils and children.......

Submitted by GT Lang on

I enjoy the information being past along the World Bank site. The Common Cause IS important to solve the World hunger, immigration AND Climate Change. To use an old analogy to hit three birds with ONE stone .

Submitted by Matanda Benard on

My pleasure to part of this organisation, sharing of ideas will surely provide a sustainable solution.

Submitted by James on

If through this intervention women and girls can be saved from violence, then I give my support.

Submitted by Eileen MacLachlan-Moore on

This I hope will give me another chance to be part of the World Community.

Submitted by satyabrata chhatoi on

It is pleasure to subscribe to world Bank is interesting to know about the world & to learn about it,so keep doing it.hii... I'm from odisha,India.

Submitted by Privanus Katinhila on

I find myself lucky to be apart of world bank member,my concern is that Ww need to put more effort to work with entrepreneurs,to make them heard and open new ventures to them because they play a big role to developing countries. Let us be their voice and come out with sustainable projects to support them

Submitted by Mrs. C. Patience on

it is appreciating that i will learn under the umbrella of World Bank , this is what my heart is parting for, really it work well done.

Submitted by Bertrand A. Houessou on

is always good to bring new in the dance...congratulations and more

Submitted by Kirill on

Thank you.

Submitted by Kirangwa Godfrey on

Good initiative however,the targets for poverty needs more accuracy because the gap between the rich and the poor widens morning and evening.Personally,this is not the will of the rich,the errors of the poor nor the weakness of responsible institutions.Back to the ground of research for new approaches of distributing wealthy.

Submitted by Enoch Wiafe Asare on

I must say that i have been inundated by the initiatives and i trust this is going to benefit many to embrace information and be connected to share ideas and knowledge.

Submitted by Alieu M. Sheriff on

This is actually motivational to many peoples like me a Senior High student who needs more knowledge to upgrade our societies in life - skills and cultural advancement. Thanks a lot for this website...

Submitted by Saurabh, Training & Communication specialist, India on

I am associated as a Communication specialist in a World Bank funded Sustainable Development project in India. This kind of knowledge sharing platform can be quite helpful for professionals like me to spread the vision of the world Bank to the downtrodden.

Submitted by IRENE OSEJI on

Am thrilled to be here. Looking forward to informative and educative learning

Submitted by pettie kaddie on

Its my pleasure joining the team world bank #ItsPossible #EndPovery. I believe learning its the order of the day. Applied knowledge is the key to successful planning and future. Expecting to learn more.

Submitted by Meso Nsumbu Joseph on

I like the World Bank for its initiatives to assist world people through constructive projects to enhance their investment achievements. Thanks to be subscribed as a member.

Submitted by Magatte Diop on

It's my pleasure to subscribe to the WB and, proud and privileged to be part of the movement to end poverty; convinced that sharing of ideas will surely provide a sustainable solution.

Submitted by grace phiri on

It is my pleasure to subscribe to this page. I really like hearing and finding out about the development of our children and their well doing all over the world.. prmary teacher,Lilongwe,malawi

Submitted by Biko kithinji on

I appreciate the critical thinking around around the movement. This is Great.

Submitted by Christiana Aboagye on

I'm excited to be here. Looking forward to informative practical ideas.

Submitted by Daniel Kwame Hasford on

As Social Development Practitioner is great to be updated on world bank issues for critical livelihoods intervention for marginally poor for hope and good living


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