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Change your Facebook profile picture and help raise awareness to end poverty

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October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year’s theme is Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms. This is not only the United Nations’ Global Goal #1, but it’s also one of the World Bank’s two main goals.
Working to end poverty can be an everyday practice. And we have dedicated our work to helping nations invest in both people and infrastructure to achieve this goal. To support our mission to end poverty by 2030, we launched the #ItsPossible social media campaign to inspire hope that it is indeed possible to end extreme poverty – if we all work together. 

Ahead of October 17th — End Poverty Day — here’s what you can do to show your support.  If you have a Facebook account, change your profile picture to show your friends that you support the goal to end poverty.

Updating Facebook Frame

There are a few ways to add our End Poverty branded frame to your Facebook profile picture:
From Facebook’s Frame home page

  1. Go to Facebook’s profile picture frame feature
  2. Click on the menu right of your profile picture
  3. From the drop down menu under Causes, select World Bank (for English) or Banque Mondiale or Banco Mundial or Albank Aldawli (if you prefer the French, Spanish or Arabic, versions)
  4. Set the expiration date for the frame. e.g. one week, etc.
  5. Click “Use as profile picture” to save 
On desktop:
  1. Click on the post from World Bank from your internet browser
  2. Below the image, click “Try it”
  3. Use your current profile photo, or click “Change picture” to select a photo from your Facebook photo albums
  4. Click “Use as Profile Picture” to save
 On mobile:
  1. Click on the post from World Bank from your mobile device
  2. Below the image, click “Try it”
  3. Use your built-in camera to take a new photo, or choose an existing photo from your phone
  4. Set an expiration date for the temporary profile photo,
  5. Write a message telling your friends that you believe it’s possible to end poverty by 2030
  6.  Tap “Use” in the upper right hand corner to save
Note: If you're unable to add a frame to your profile picture from the Facebook mobile app, make sure you're using the latest app version.
Thank you for showing your support for the goal to end extreme poverty. #ItsPossible!


Submitted by Nabil Eid on

Raising awareness to help end poverty, The most important investment we can make in ending global poverty? Educating girls, refugees and children.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I understand the sentiment of supporting the abolishment of poverty, but what tangible change to the issue is made by "increasing awareness" via Facebook profile pictures. Surely even a small donation to a charitable organisation would achieve more than simply changing a photo for a day.

Submitted by Ogunkunle Abidoye Bashiru on


Submitted by Scholar A. on

Oh ! yes its possible, to eradicate poverty, since it first starts from the thinking realm. To change the way the people think, I think is the first step to eradicate poverty, because when you think rich, then you, believe its possible to be rich and so you have the zeal to work towards it. As such, as we are fighting poverty it the phisical by providing their needs let us also do well by providing them with the right knowledge that will sustain the help.

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