Closing the net gap in advance of World Malaria Day


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 In most cases, achieving real development outcomes on the ground is very complicated. But in the case of protecting people from malaria, it is simple. The disease is easily preventable and treatable.

On the prevention side, we know that insecticide treated nets work. So, everybody in countries with high malaria prevalence should have one. 200 million mosquito nets have been already delivered across sub-Saharan Africa.

This is protecting half of the world’s population at risk. 100 million more are being produced and delivered. But we still need 50 million more nets to ensure that people in danger are protected. That's why the World Bank today closed half that gap by providing funding for an additional 25 million nets.

And Ashton Kutcher retweeted: "We needed 50 million bed nets. The World Bank just gave half! Let's finish the job!"

Let's make it happen.



Melanie Zipperer

Senior Communications Officer, World Bank Africa Region

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April 26, 2010

that's a great investment. I trust that these funds are being used to procure locally produced mosquito nets and help support local business development?

Earth Intelligence Network
April 27, 2010

Some interesting resources to explore on this issue:

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Document: "DDT: Rise & Fall of a Miracle"

Book: The Rise, Fall, Rise, and Imminent Fall of DDT

Video: Controversy of banning DDT despite its effectiveness preventing death + cheaper than bednets & treatments

October 08, 2010

malaria is not only the problem battling us here in Africa....there are numerous....Africa need a revolution and the time is now....Africa needs a re-orientated mind set...let the individual get to know and master their abilities and put it into the economic system of the continent....we have great and intelligent people from Africa developing other Continent and ignoring their motherland...Well with God in us we shall prevail in all...Africa is blessed,Nigeria is blessed...