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We’re Seeking 18 Dynamic Leaders to Help Us Meet Our Goals

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The World Bank Group is searching internally and globally for 18 experienced and driven professionals to help achieve two ambitious goals: reducing the number of people living on less than $1.25 a day to 3% by 2030 and promoting shared prosperity by fostering the income growth of the bottom 40%. These leaders will be crucial to our plan to improve the way we work, so we can deploy the best skills and expertise to our clients everywhere, to help tackle the most difficult development challenges around the world.   

Last month, the Bank Group’s member countries endorsed our new strategy which for the first time leverages the combined strength of the WBG institutions and their unique ability to partner with the public and private sectors to deliver development solutions backed by finance, world class knowledge and convening services.

Instrumental to the success of our strategy is the establishment of Global Practices and Cross-Cutting Solution Areas, which will bring all technical staff together, making it possible for us to expand our knowledge and better connect global and local expertise for transformational impact. Our ultimate goal is to deploy the best skills and expertise to our clients at the right time, and become the leading partner for complex development solutions.

We are accepting applications for the Global Practice senior directors who will lead these pools of specialists in the following areas: Agriculture; Education; Energy and Extractives; Environment and Natural Resources; Finance and Markets; Governance; Health, Nutrition, and Population; Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management; Poverty; Social Protection and Labor; Trade and Competitiveness; Transport and Information Technology; Urban, Rural, and Social Development; and Water.

We are also looking for a senior director to lead the Gender cross-cutting solutions area, and three directors to lead the cross-cutting solutions areas that are focused on Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; Jobs; and Public-Private Partnerships.

The new Global Practices and Cross-Cutting Solution Areas offer exciting opportunities to design solutions that will help developing countries address their most pressing challenges and meet the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.  

As the new Global Practices Vice Presidents, we are honored to be part of this effort to improve the use of our talent and expertise so that we can better serve our clients, wherever they are located.

Learn more.


Submitted by James Coffey on

You can do this by accomplishing two things. One promoting the roles of women in the developing world. If women are allowed to choose who they will marry, it will cause males to strive to be better providers. Two, change the caste system in India. There is no place for it in the modern world. The number of people involved should provide the quantitative level you desire.

Submitted by Jovana on

I am a well skilled land management lawyer taken my MSc at KTH-Stockholm. I am aware that I could help preventing poverty and make people better life conditions especially in developing country. I am also aware of pollution and other sensitive environmental issues.
Joovana Mandic

Submitted by Ali Mubadda Allabadi on

Over the last 40 years of which 35 years in “International Development” including all aspects of Water Management, Environment including Capacity building in public management (HR Mgmt., Fiscal Mgmt., Project Mgmt., IT & Computerization, Leadership & Communication, Rule of Law & Anti-Corruption, Drafting Public Policies / Laws, By-Laws, Rules, Regulations, Orders, Instructions, etc.). Just recently, I have published a manual titled: “Public Policy Making and Implementation in Jordan”, published on 15 September 2013 by Jordan Political Party (Al – Resaleh Party), Amman – Jordan for distribution to members of Jordan Parliament. I have served in many projects as the principal or sub-principle main contact person for the donor counterparts, local stakeholders, including civil society, government, private sector in compliance with the donor and the employer policies and procedures. My M&E activities including quality of results followed the log frame approach and analyses and USAID-PMP for M&E Methodology, and the EU - M&E Manual for Review of Program / Project Implementation. My activities included formulation of Water Users Associations (WUA’s) for irrigated agriculture and Water Supply and Sanitation Committees (WSSC’s) as Community-Based Organizations (CBO’s) / Non-State Organizations (NSO’s), i.e. Community Outreach and Civil Society Strengthening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen.
I am very well familiar with USAID - PMP requirements; as I have served in 6 USAID - financed projects, in addition to ISO 9001:2008 for public management. I have excellent written and spoken communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to interact regularly and professionally with senior host-government counterparts. My international development missions to many countries (Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Zambia, Afghanistan, Qatar, Iraq, and UAE) were sponsored by International Development agencies (USAID, US Army Corps of Engineers, World Bank, UNDP, UNOPS, UNESCO, IDB, GIZ/ GTZ, IFAD, FAO, ESCWA, EU) and International Consulting Companies (Development and Engineering).,
I have offered extensive experience as a Consultant / Senior Advisor to Ministries in numerous countries of the Middle East and Africa.
Ali Allabadi

Submitted by Sotiris Makrygiannis on

I volunteer fot this cause. I believe that education will drive more people out of poverty. Im more than happy to contribute. Br, Sotiris Makrygiannis

Submitted by Elham Momani on

I think the above target can make the needed change.
With my short experience I would love to be a part of this.



Submitted by Odjobi Kwakye on

I want to be contribute to this effort of ending poverty. Please check my profile on linkedin.

Submitted by Shazia (T) Hakim on

Hi there,
I am a educator/Researcher/Life Scientist,originally from Pakistan so very well aware of problems our developing countries are facing like poverty, hunger, mal nutrition and improper health facilities. I believe we can reduce poverty via education especially women education.Currently residing in Canada but wiling to go back and work for the cause. check my linkedin profile and see if I can be of use

Submitted by Padraic McFreen on

This is absutely the right time to Unthink Impossible. Let's break the rules of conventional wisdom wherever they exist across the globe and demonstrate the benefits derived from empowering, encouraging and enabling the contributions of every woman for the overall enrichment of our monetary ecosystem.

Submitted by Mario Makary on

Being in the financial services for a while, I have dealt with affluent and high net worth individuals. In parallel I see people around me who strive to make a decent living in the absence of opportunities to succeed. This has created in me a belief that every human being deserves to have a chance for a better life and that it is every ones responsibility to help others live in dignity.

Submitted by Francine Deschenes on


I'm à teacher but I worked in hospitalier for 20 years Radiologie, operating room,M'y first job when I was 15 years old was to Take care of elderlies. I saw à lot of s'adresse things and a lack of staff in hospitals.
I know what is like to accomplish à lot with small me ans.So I can help.


Submitted by Nida Roshan on

I would want to contribute to this noble cause. I believe that besides being a competent professional, each of us should contribute to the society. While you select the righy personnels for the above project, please make sure that you gauge them on the basis of their passion for social welfare and selflessness as well, besides mere experience and qualification, because academics alone cannot guarantee a lont term commitment.

Submitted by Dr. Kees Blokland on

Agriculture & rural development - Please inform me on how to apply or submit candidates for integrating this group of professionals, in view of the coincidence with the institutional goals of both Agritera and Agricord, as well as the commitment of the Coalition for Food Security to take up the challenge and the responsibility for eradicating hunger and poverty.

Submitted by Zina on

I am a recent graduate of MSc "Development Policy, Practice and Process "from the United Kingdom, with eight years experience in different managerial positions in international development. I worked in different positions in Jordan aiming to achieve the Mullinuim Development Goals in Jordan; fighting poverty, alleviating unemployment, empwer women and youth and supporting children's education. Currently am looking forward for a leadership position in international development to apply what I have learnt in my academic experience along with my professional experience to make a positive change to the vulnerable people in the developing countries.

Submitted by abhinay on

WOW ! It would be great for young minds / development professionals to hear from the people who engage in this mission. Request for a blog or forum for people like me to get a chance to learn/ discuss / share our ideas with such an erudite team of visionaries , once the selection is done.

Submitted by Christian Lukusa on

I'm a DRC Natural Resources Attorney in DRC and Executive Director a Environmental Law NGO. Our NGO are working on the ground in DRC against poverty. I will be happy to be part of the initiative.

Submitted by Christian Lukusa on

I am a DRC Natural and Environmental Attorney and Executive Director of a Environmental NGO with main focus on poverty, environmental and sustainable development issues. I will be happy to be part of your initiative.

Submitted by Shekhara Gowd Mitta on

Dear sir,

I would like to serve the society by making reforms with the collective people.

I am ready to accept the challenging projects which makes global reforms.

Kindly go through the

Yours truly,

Prof. Shekhara Gowd Mitta
Founder & Managing Editor, Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management,India.
President, Help to Help Charitable Trust, India.
Ph: +91 9916537999

Submitted by Nurjahan Khan on

I am very pleased to see the World Bank reaching out to seek leaders to better the world. And I would very much like to participate in helping our world reduce poverty & promote prosperity! If I am eligible, I would like the opportunity to be one of dynamic leaders.

I possess excellent knowledge expertise and diverse international experience delivering multiple projects across India, Asia & Africa. Currently focusing my efforts on energy and infrastructure sector, with a principal aim of sustainable development and resources sufficiency, I am working on analytics, technology, finance and policy as an individual and through my consulting and finance ventures. Please check my LinkedIn profile and review my company website. I truly feel my excellent qualifications, experience diversity and entrepreneurial enthusiasm will be positive contributor to such position. Please do revert to exchange more ideas of mutual interests. Thanks.

Submitted by Carlos Bedito on

Very interested to be considered for the energy and extractives or the PPP Djirector posaitio. Please check my linkedin profile. I am trully driven to reduce poverty and boost income generation for the lower 40% income population of the world.

Submitted by Jean-Luc BERNARD on

I volunteer
As a former UNIDO Representative in Iran and in Morocco, with a lot of experience in the private sector and with the European Commission, I think I could bring good expertise in several fields? Kindly have a look at my Linkedin profile.

Submitted by Manuela Murthi on

I would be interested to offer my expertize in this pool of experts. I am a demographer holding a MA in development.
if my expertize is needed please let me know to share further information in this initiative,
Thank You,


SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION: This is to officially register my special recommendation in respect of ENGR CHUKWUDI EGWUAGU , from Enugu state of
Nigeria. He is an experienced & achievement driven professional as well as a dynamic global leader. His professional services are highly needed to help the World Bank Group achieve the two ambitious goals of: reducing the number of people living on less than $ 1.25 a day to 3% by 2030 and promoting shared prosperity by fostering the income growth of the bottom 40% .

Submitted by Christian Lukusa on

I am a DRC Natural Resources and Environmental Attorney and Executive Director of the Centre of Environmental Rights (CERs Asbl) with main focus on sustainable(poverty) and environmental issues. I will be happy to be part of the initiative.

Submitted by Sereana Cokanasiga on

I am interested to contribute to this. I am a Board Secretary of the Native Land Trust Board in the Pacific and also have managed Human Resources of international & regional NGOs and in the public sector. I have an overview of how a developing country actually develops itself through landuse and an interesting picture to be able to determine the economic base of a country. I can contribute from that perspective and experience.

Submitted by Gana Pati Ojha on

I am interested in Public-Private partnership, poverty reduction, agriculture and social development.

Submitted by Lakshmi P M on

I am interested to join. I am Specialized in Promotion and Protection of Child Rights. Have experience of Designing and implementing the Projects. Do have experience in implementing and monitoring the Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Measures in my State of India.

Submitted by Lystra Hagley-Dickinson on

Such a task is noble and in order to succeed it will need a huge effort and many minds working together. I am in the Caribbean qualified and have 20 years experience in social development, conflict management and partnership development , monitoring and management and crime and criminal justice administration. As a beneficiary of a World bank Scholarship many years ago, I am obliged to assist this great campaign. Do let me know if my expertise is of some use

Hi, Although I am too young (just 31) but posses good hands on experience on the grounds in terms of demography as well as areas of work in the Skill Development domain which is directly related to capacity building and livelihood which in turn impacts the living standard. I can be a suitable match for Education, Urban , Rural & Social Development. Being a qualified engineer with Masters in Finance, I can deliver a lot for such a development mission

Submitted by Clive Tawanda Muyendesi on

Please tell me more about this,would like to help on Energy mainly renewable,environmental affairs and information technology. Just want to see us the African youths create positive change for a sustainable future.

Submitted by Beena on

Keen to make a meaning full difference in the world with my career as an experienced Business Architect Solution Consultant.

I am a development planner and implementer with more than three decades of work experience in four developing countries including working for poverty alleviation. I have worked with various United Nations Organisations and donor agencies. I would like to volunteer for this assignment. Kindly refer to my Linkedin profile for my background and experience.

Submitted by Nadine Umuhire R. on

Very interesting domain . I have been working in Youth and Women Economic Empowerment through Life , Entrepreneurship and technology skills considering Gender Equity in Rwanda. This my passion and somehow rewarding to be part of community health improvement and development .

Submitted by Harry SIKOMA on

That is a good cause. I feel I can contribute in achieving access to safe and clean water for all.

Dear Sirs,
I am answering to your application posted on Linkedin network
My name is Andrea Cicchetti, and I'm an hydraulic engineer living and working in Rimini-Italy. My current position is Technical Director in a governmental company (web site, and I am directing a unit of about 60 persons working on projects that go from hydraulic constructions to plants and urban drainage.
My job and my position are stable and continuative, nevertheless, my desire is to move from a local urban activity to a job that may also involve and combine my engineering knowledge and experience with my specialistic skills and competences.
If you think that my profile might be of your interest, please feel free to contact me.
Best regards
Andrea Cicchetti


Due to my age of 66 I guess I cannot apply for this job. But this does not prevent me from feeling a strong drive to contribute (as a consultant or otherwise)to realizing the WBG's legitimately ambitious goals. High time, not only to set them but to pursue them vigorously; think of the need to increase food production by 70% and to keep the climate change induced temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees by 2050. We are all in the same boat now, hopefully not that of Noah. I am a former EU Commission Director for Rural Development and a senior agricultural expert with over 40 years of experience. Please look at my profile on LinkedIn and give me a call if you feel there is a job I can do. Thanks.

Submitted by Abdul A. Bayagub on


I am Indonesian. Graduated from Georgetown U with international business major ( MBA equivalent ) and George Washington U with business management and supervisory management also Law school ( under graduated degree ) from local university in Indonesia.

Currently working as a independent country manager of medical products in Dubai, UAE.Possess wide business networks globally and in Indonesia as well. More than 15 years working experiences in export - import sectors,trading,customs clearance and negotiations globally and locally in Indonesia,either business to business and or business to government as well.

Currently I am looking for a job in trade sector within these projects in world bank organization.

I will be available at anytime by email at : [email protected] or by contacting my mobile number at : 00971 50371 4858 at your most convenient time.

Looking forward to your feedback,please.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Abdul Azis Bayagub,
Dubai, UAE

Submitted by Luisa Moreno on

I am a civil engineer with over 12 years of experience in water resources, land development, site planning. I would like to contribute and participate in such a noble cause. I am fluent in spanish and english.
Looking forward to being part of this magnificent project.

Best Regards,
Luisa F. Moreno, P.E.

The Solace Corporation Pty Ltd was founded by Wayne Sampey is a Sustainable Management and Risk Professional, a Professor of Environment, Health and Safety and PhD in Biological Science with 38 years’ experience encompassing remote and challenging specialised industries, oil & gas, open pit and underground mining and heavy construction experience. He has an extensive track record in developing and implementing strategic risk and sustainable management methodologies structured to fulfil corporate and ascendant dynamics and functional management for whole of operations covering the key areas of corporate and operational risk, fiscal development and advancement and systematic progressive management. He has significant experience in establishing and directing open communications in encouraging confident apperception of commercial investment and effective implementation of multi-cultural societal appreciation developed through extensive experience in remote, politically and culturally diverse operations and locations. He has created and delivered significant Societal Economic Prosperity Initiatives to develop commercially sustainable trilateral prosperity presented to United Nations and World Bank supporting the Equator Principle.He has signific (The Equator Principle is the international credit risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in project finance transactions). ant experience with and understanding of multi-national sociological, ecological, commercial and political requisites in Australia, UK, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, USA, Middle East, Africa, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The management approaches, both corporate and operational from project inception, design, exploration, development, construction and operations have always been delivered inclusive of all facets of Technical/Practical Management and investor satisfaction. He is a highly experienced developer and deliverer of Risk, Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Community, Education and Training Strategy and Sustainable Operational Management Solutions in a diverse range of industrial undertakings internationally with responsibility for ensuring that ventures advance as “most appropriate” enterprises. Solace Corporation has developed seamless integrations of critical/functional initiatives to meet corporate necessities and desires while delivering, business continuity and line operations to embrace the complete spectrum of management encompassing operational and stakeholder economic, behavioural, regulatory and societal outcomes.
Following 13 years of research and development, Dr. Sampey developed the first and currently only successful all-natural, economic, minimal-risk multiple-platform Simple Aquatic Bio-Reactor (SABR) process. An All-Natural Water and Soil Contamination Management System and the first multiple-platform microbiological manifold to solve water issues across all facets of the metaliferrous, salinity, organic and chemically influenced effluent stream. The SABR System is the first all-natural, economic, societally acceptable effective solution to Highly Acidic and Alkaline/Caustic Process Water management, re-use and environmental discharge, leading to the development of the SABR All Natural Economic De-Salination System. It is augmented by the Solace Agricultural and Rehabilitation Solution; Sol 6 and Sol 8, which are rapid soil wetting, surface management and growth advancement solutions that are all-natural and also leading dust and erosion management technology.

Submitted by Mohsin Syed on

Every problem and challenge in this world finds a solution to get entangled into deeper problems. To solve this never ending circle of applied confusion, technology can be path-breaking to simplify complicated grass-roots issues. Technology has propelled many man-made marvels of wonder to every orbit that is out there and if it has not, it surely will in the coming decade. The same technology needs more caring hearts to apply their minds and use the Big T's potential to de-couple social issues from political games and bring its raw edge to finesse healing and redressal. As a technology proponent blessed with avid experience in bringing technology solutions to grass-roots and empirical community development initiatives, I look forward to an hearing where I could collaborate with the best of the social policy evangelists and work on programs with a T-transformation outlook. Human relations are the key, technology is a vital tool. Let's engage the right tools to build enduing relationships. My LinkedIn Porfile:

Submitted by Pritish on

I would definitely like to be a part of this cause. I have short but significant experience in Education industry, so I really want to contribute. How can I do that? Am I eligible to apply for the position in Education?

Submitted by Abiola Bamimodu on

I hereby apply for vacancy. In other to contribute into the world aid programme. Thank you. My moblie No:+2348093220901.

Submitted by Tim Wright on

The role of alternative finance, crowd based assets and the democratizing empowerment of social and collaborative technology present us with the real possibility of making progress on all of these matters. As someone who is deeply involved with the positive and innovative use of all of these things I would be honoured to be able to assist the World Bank in this initiative and so hereby express my interest in participating via this post. Please keep me informed

Submitted by S K Sundararajan on

I would like to know more about the strategy, precisely I would like to know the take that we will have on Capitalism VS Socialism, Communism and the like, take on Education, and its role, Ethics and Values, the governmental policies, more importantly the way in which you define poverty, beyond GDP, GNP and NI, and our process for peace. as we all know, just by increasing the per capita income, not all problems shall be solved, in fact even poverty cannot be solved this way, it takes a much broader outlook, how do we plan to go about it?

Submitted by id mohammad on

By profession I am an finance assistant but had experience in NGOs. I am from Nepal n have seen n faced proverty closely. I support the cause and want to fill my cadidature.


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