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Submitted by Rafael C. Hernandez on
I very much agree with Marcelo's view and for that matter the WDR's that institutions are vital to prevent violence and to break the vicious cycle of violence. Furthermore, there is no question that the cycles of violence are caused by internal as well as external causes, thus I will add to the external stresses mentioned by Marcelo, the effect of organized crime and the illegal trafic of drugs and guns. There is no question that a significant portion of the urban violence seen in LAC countries is due to the effect of these two external factors. Insecurity is not by any means relegated to FCS countries and currently has become the number one risk in LAC according to the most recent Latin Barometer indicator. In some areas, such as Central America, insecurity is perhaps the largest obstacle to development nowadays and the only way how these countries could fight back is with the aid of the international comunity. The problem of the illegal drug traffic is not only a problem of to those countries producing it or those allowing a passage through but more importantly, those where the comsuption takes place. Therefore, as long as there is no recognition that there is a principle of corresponsibility into this problem, it does not matter how much effort is done by the individual countries.

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