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Submitted by Hailemelekot Teklu Kidane on
How developing countries like Ethiopia and poor small scale farmers contribute to the food security of the world? The World is connecting more and more, and Food is not the Exception According to the WFP Head Josette Sheeran. “We’re seeing a convergence of food and fuel markets in a way we’ve never seen. Over $70 a barrel, we know hunger will start rising at a very accelerated rate. When it’s over $100 a barrel we know we’re in a full-blown crisis,” The increase in price of oil has a direct influence in the price of food. Crude oil, for instance, increased 21% in the first three months of 2011, pushing food prices up because it raises the cost of inputs needed in agriculture, among other things. You can take the cost of input of production here like fertilizers, pesticides, and the like. (According to the recent World Bank open forum held for 24hours in April 15, 2011)- -- Yesterday. According to the latest World Bank Food Price Watch report showing global food prices have risen 36% in the last year, led by maize (74%), wheat (69%) and soybeans (36%). Crude oil prices have increased 21% in the first quarter of 2011. The Ethiopian food price is not out this exception, we are coming to the world trade system. We can see what the organized market place, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) is doing on five major crops (Coffee, Sesame, Maize, Wheat and Haricot bean); We are now becoming like the market in New York and Chicago. (We can see the price increase in coffee as an example. Two months ago, the price of a kilo of coffee in Ethiopia was ETB 57 ($3.45), but now it has gone up to ETB130 ($7.85). (It is around a 200% increase in two months). Effect of Industrial Agriculture on water quality The agriculture sector uses extensive amount of water directly compare to other sectors like Industry, chemical sector,food processing, paper, retail distribution, hotels, catering and education . Agricultural production releases residuals that may degrade the quality of the Nation's water resources and impose costs on water users. We can see also consider the effect of industrial agriculture on the external costs (environmental, social, health and the like), Which can be quantified by LCC and LCA. What do you think about the solution for this???? I say low input production like Organic Agriculture can secure food in the world especially low income consumers and producers. With Best Regards,

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