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Submitted by Nelson Agyemang on
Dear Sister, Keep the Good work up, I commend the Vice Presidet of the Bank for her hard work and real knowledge and help for Africa! The bank is by far the only institution which has the leverage to do innovative things. Can't the bank give money directly to CSOs in rural agriculture, so many innovative things can be done along the value chain to develop farming into jobs for many youth in poor stricken rural areas. I would like to ask the Vice-President of the Bank for Africa if this can be done for example through Youth Development Foundation(YDF) in Atwima Kwanwoma District Assembly, where youth farmers badly need between Gh.c 20-Gh.c 100 per farmer for the July cereal minor season starting July-August, 2011. Is there a small grants fund from which you will draw to do this, and take personal keen interest, and ask your Ground staff in-country to assist. Nelson Agyemang President and Managing Expert, Youth Development Foundation-YDF +233-241-888-167

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