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Submitted by Earnest Ekokobe on
Auntie Obiageli, first of all congratulations for the brilliant work you did prior to your new appointment, you are like others the women LIGHT OF AFRICA. The continent desperately needs voices and leadership that you provide. Congratulations too for this new position as Vice President of the African Division. As an advocate and free lance researcher in economic development in Africa and the Diaspora community in the UK, I would like to suggest that you actively engage, consult and listen and why not facilitate a conversation with the diaspora community in the UK too about how we can together with the bank make Africa the place that we dreamt it to be. I am making this suggestions as a follow up to a similar call I made to the African Development Bank wherein I said it is curious to know that all the development agencies working in the continent hold working sessions with other partners and ignore the most relevant partner- the diaspora community that contributes more through remittances, have a great talent pool the continent needs and are the greatest stakeholders. I hope you will follow through with this initiative having followed you on that speech you gave at Columbia University. I am encouraged by your strong love and passion for the prosperous future of the continent we need you to infect us too with your enthusiasm. I am putting myself forward help make this meeting happen. Godspeed, Godheed.

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