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The aproach and extrapolation from MICs is obviously innacurate and cannot deliver for LICs and FSs , yet a specific model can be aimed that stands while the transition toward a more integrated system takes place.. Not aiming the "perfect trend" of those, but a useful trend through smart adaptation and regional coordination. Just as the electronic delivery mechanisms can cut fraud and achieve wide coverages, one can use the same concept avoiding setbacks that are the everyday risk by government performance and insecure territorial situation. These setbacks jeopardize effort and achievements. Also the need to cover the setbacks through climate shocks that impact with disruptive economic power the agriculture and small industry and local business emerging environment. With the target of supporting individuals and small corporations trying to make way out of the fragile condition the international help could assist the core of it : building the consistency so that the rescue should not become the rule that afterwards does not provide tools for the change from an already very bad status quo. The small steps for an economic trend moving up in spite of local shakings and threats needs the preservation of what is achieved between shocks and in spite of them. That demands granted networks not evaporating with them. The confidence frees people to aim the support for small investments and the credibility of economic back for developing institutions : it grants the bacic fairness for the system of values to be enhanced facing shocks and risks in a different mood. Then the adjustment with the changing behaviours ,keeping it light and flexible and fitting into different outcomes. The different priorities established for each group of countries should respect not only peoples`choices but also keep in pace with the similarity of economic status to belong under a similar umbrella,of course. So financial tools to stand turnmoils could be used if independent from territorial situation, both for country based on demographic specifics and for voluntary individual schemes bringing aboard by mentoring and safeguarding persons and small corporates by reestablishing the stability after disrupting events even if in a different place or business. They would target both small financing ,and very relevant, protecting the precarious condition of small savings and investment schemes nurturing countercyclical education ,say for a minimum period of 6 to 8 years . Besides the usual help, so badly needed , a trend for a more stable social network can be put in place with affordable costs and leveraging the upgoing process, based on individuals and their real conditions if a financial and tailored approach is applied , followed by an evidence based control of results on a regular basis after the reestablishment post each local setback. It also allows mentoring for better use of land,water,crops and building connections to regional markets . The obvious link with skill training , health and sanitation, and education helps it to belong in the conjoint actions while still remaining a financial specific tool.

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