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Submitted by neral on
Thanks for this reflective blog. It is amazing and so easy to forget for us in countries where data collection and statistical analysis of population and other data is the norm that so many people in other countries are 'not counted'. But I can't but help to imagine that data collection brings with it hazards if the governments using it are not 'trained' in using it responsibly (amongst other things using it to manipulate or justify policy positions that discriminate againt the poor or minority groups). This aside, an efficient solution for data collection, management and analysis may be countries with existing infrastructure and knowhow covering other countries for certain deficient data 'packages'. As an example, Australia could extend its coverage of population health data to another country without the capacity to do it themselves. This could be treated as 'aid in kind' but also means the recipient would not need the investment in upfront costs, including time to work out a new methodology. Over time, capacity building would see the recipient take over the operation.

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