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'The West Nile Rural Electrification Company Ltd. started up its new efficient HFO-fired generators in the West Nile towns of Arua and Nebbi in 2004 to provide reliable power to the population during the day and most of the night' - Really????? Most residents in Arua no longer have power and those who do get it for less than 3 hours a day!!! Before 2004 it was on for an average of 12hours I come from Arua and most of my family lives there. I am really surprised and disappointed to read such an article that puts spin to a bad situation and gives the impression all is well and things are improving. They are getting worse for the ordinary citizen. Power reliability and supply in Arua and Nebbi has been on the decline since WENRECO took over. Small businesses and local services have been adversely affected (including the local hospital). If you had been to West Nile before writing such an article you would probably have thought twice about the content and main message. Lack of electricity is a major hinderance to economic growth of the region and such articles do not assist the cause of the ordinary people by masking major failures in policy decisions and donor assistance.

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