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Three months ago (last May!) India was struggling with bumper grain harvests that had completely flooded it's stores. Millions of tons of grain were rotting in the open as the Monsoon arrived. In June, China too had predicted high grain production with a record nine years in a row increase. The US, too, had similar predictions. Africa too has some sporadic reports of bumper harvests going to waste due to poor storage. Begs the question, why should prize increases arise if bumper harvests are everywhere? The finger points only to the prospector who manipulates availability and actaul gate prize and thus the retail prize that the consumer is faced with at the supermarket tills. Harsh weather (Monson floods or drought or critical temperature inversions) come and go; but the farmers' spirit is more resilient. Food prizes need never spike as the farmers never take time off their career. And neither is grain production for biofuels the cause- it is just the scapegoat. Someone somewhere always benefits from the prize spikes without a sweat out in the field.

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