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Thanks for your comment. No one at the World Bank is ignoring climate change. It puts the efforts of millions of people who have lifted themseles out of poverty at risk. Our understanding of those risks informs everything we do, including our recommendations for helping cities, countries, and the private sector embrace inclusive green growth. To shift the growth path the world is on right now, we will need to attack emissions in all sectors: energy, transport, agriculture, deforestation, mining, urbanization, and the built environment. Companies need to recognize the value of throughput efficiency, the risk they run from having a large carbon footprint. Regulation and a price for carbon would be the easiest way to send a signal to reward good practice and improve performance across industries. I talk about cautious optimism because I've been seeing more interest from the private sector in doing just that. Getting the world onto a more sustainable path is urgent and necessary, and it will take all of us — governments, civil socity, and the private sector — pulling together. Committing to net positive impact on biodiversity is a first step in the right direction and a sign of willingness to embrace responsible behaviour. That is my reason for cautious optimism.

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