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Submitted by Torsten Sugus on

It'll take a potato machine...

We use technology for maximizing profit and over productivity, but we fail at letting it ease the production of basic nutritional needs. If we have the technology for space exploration, we have to have the potential to automate the production of a nutritional baseline (potatoes, carrots...).

Initial investments would have to be made, for the technology to be implemented; but the it would be cheap to maintain (I'd be very happy to help for charity, thus so would others), and we'd have maximized productivity, as we do in the monetary world. Money would theoretically be of no issue, as machines need no salary. Designing technology also means considering efficiency, thus using as little finite resources as possible.

Imagine what we could do, if we put as much motivation into fighting poverty, as we put in making profit. Profit has made something as big as the industrialization happen. All this could have been used to ease everybody's lives in stead.

Freeing the poor from hunger is possible, if we put our minds into it; but eliminating poverty in the monetary sense is impossible, as long as we live in our competition driven monetary realm. Who doesn't want to win?

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