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Yes, it's all about Caring about other People. And many do Care. Indeed I believe that, deep down, Care is a primal response within everyone - towards our children, the elderly in our family and wider community, towards someone in our family or friends being ill, or towards the hungry, the homeless or struggling to cope financially. People care, and show care, in many big and small ways. Even those suffering from 'willful blindness and selective deafness', those who like to quote that old mantra: "The poor will always be with us" never bring themseves to say that 'Poverty is unavoidable'. Its a scar on the face of humanity - taking away the dignity of other human beings, leading to the death of 22,000 children every day according to UNICEF, and often being the underlying cause of suicides, other illnesses and generally poor quality of life for many in society. We all know a better way than this. Forget relying soley on the technology, though we must use it - but this ought to be all about people, first and foremost. And, yes, it will take a dedicated, committed Organisation to End Poverty. So lets imagine what kind of Organisation that will be? Undoubtedly, it will be a different kind of Organisation from any that exists right today. It will certainly be a worldwide Organisation of and for the Coping Classes....the Unemployed, the Low Income Earners, the Less Well Educated and the Ageing populations. It will revolve around Care, and Caring. It will be owned by its Community Members, reflecting their values, their language and their culture. They will share in its profits. It will probably be a worldwide Cooperative Society, with people 'putting their heads together' for common cause. It will focus on education, income generation and microfinance. It will empower people, give them a voice that is heard and heeded. They will work together and together they change the way it is. They will become the change they wish to see in their they learn to live the life they'd love to live for themselves and leave a better way of life their children. Everybody in that kind of Society will win. Small changes in can and do make a big difference. And it only takes one Community to start to make it happen.

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