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Submitted by Steven San Lucas on
Eradication of poverty worldwide is pretty simple! It is necessary to create a worldwide organization like the ( world bank ) , but with the difference that it would take seriously all analysis and data in every country you are in charge to give help by getting a group of researchers to fly to this countries and make sure people in need get the necessary help making sure this group is with the best security to get their job done any where they would go to Can’t just keep playing by the all rules of dictatorships and organizations to help this people, when in reality they would not help the people in need, but instead their self and their group or organizations! and is being happening for decades and I believe it is time for someone that want to make a difference to take a better approach to this horrendous acts of malice envy and selfishness. Organizing a data system with the help of the government in the country of your choice to make the deference and analyze their possibilities on a daily basis! Search and analyze and investigate their status and their possibilities they have with their kids to go to school and alimentations Create within the organization a work program with the help of your local government and the help from the ( world bank ) and if there is no possibilities to get help from their government? get a special program to help this areas in need. Work programs would be dedicated to give classes and instruction to mothers and fathers to learn new skill and get their certification and place them in work areas making sure their new work placement works with their expectations and give them psychological therapy in case of need Making sure this people get the help they need is so important because will be working with people that have good mental and physical conditions, I mean are not drug addicts. Would make a good asset to our economic development and reestablish freedom and the promise of democracy eradicating hate and malicious groups and also would get the right security worldwide. It is necessary to teach the poor basic skills like cash management skill communication skills and psychological skill to get ahead in life. Also is necessary to make sure they are aware of preventing pregnancy Teenage pregnancy and adult pregnancy needs to be educated in these areas, their psychological program needs to go deep on their awareness and their knowledge about bringing a child to misery? I am not saying if they are poor they must not have a baby but they must understand it is ridiculous to bring 4 or 5 baby’s in really poor conditions were they lack of water food and electricity. I am a firm believer that if we all want a better future for all kids and adults that are suffering from antagonizing poverty? Is necessary to take a better approach and work diligently to analyze and dismantle all the organizations that are under control of these issues and better manage the cash flow in these entities and you will see how much you have to get the job done.

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