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You to reorganize capitalism to extract a "take out" of some ten or fifteen percent of the wealth of the developed countries, and distribute it on a per-capita basis to the bottom billion or so persons each of whom would get an "entitlement" to a fair share. You cannot get the wealth to them through normal trade means; it will never happen. Instead, you create a new stage for capitalism, where most of the products are still produced for normal trade but some ten or fifteen percent or more of the produce is removed from normal trade and put into a distribution system. The main challenge then becomes fair distribution of this extracted set of products, presumably mostly things like food and medicine. The recipients are freed from the usual expectation that they have to somehow earn money to buy these things with. The goods are supplied without any expectation. I have developed this idea in my own thinking. There are three conditions: the goods must be distributed equally to all who qualify for their share; the goods must respect the culture (no giving pork to Muslims, for example) and be non-harmful to the culture receiving; giving the goods must not harm the environment.

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