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Submitted by Andrea Pérez on
What will it Take to End Poverty? CARING... If all we look outward and not inward, we would have less problems, less bitterness, less anxiety and would live happier, because just to help others and improve their quality of life and teach your children to do the same job, is reason enough to feel fulfilled for better. Do it for other unselfishly, and for to us as well. We have to do it as an organization: 1. This is a campaign of awareness of values ​​and change the world in which we live for better. It sounds corny, but it's the simple truth... we will always find people who are opposed, against organizations ... but we can not give up because there will always be people like you, like us ... that we do care! WE CARE! 2. We must speak not only with governments, but going to work with citizens for better. Need to raise awareness not only to governments but to its people as well, businessmen, housewives, students , everybody. Arming programs in conjunction with the government to provide incentives to citizens who support others. At first, they will help others by the incentives, then when will filled with the joys of the people they help, born in each of them and the multiplier effect will be for better. This means, taking peace nobel prices people, project managers, worldbank helpers, society and others...the best and the volunteers of every country to make a big project in order to begin the change!!!

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