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Salutations, Addressing UNFCCC - the carrot and stick approach perhaps – but that we need to ensure before reaching for - stakeholders have been given ample time to seek out an understanding on opportunities. Consider engaging with financial sector to post a reward on attendees. Look to provident funds to charter ranking on preferences to attendees. Engage legal societies, underwriters, and industry associations to amplify an understanding on risk management strategies. Appreciating the products and services identifying an attendance regard. Allow me to engage on amplifying - what is low hanging fruit. How we go strategies, the specificity here on international sea freight – shipped carbon neutral as the product system, I noted small change can make a big difference. Having undertaken studies on the strategy I found to best deliver mechanism ETS provides sharing on offsets three (3) ways – (1) the origin, (2) international and the (3) destination. The framework provides working together upstream and downstream. Upstream continues to make great strides in applying initiatives on behaviour change following on a pathway adopting technological initiatives – this drives efficiencies reducing running costs, attendance demonstrates a regard on values to shareholders, employees, customers (existing and potential) and the wider community. That here in the scheme of things this creates education and training, fosters research and development creates jobs, amplifying the bigger picture - think global act local - attending to the health and wellbeing of all. It is now applying to the downstream to participate - and here as B2B and B2C understanding attendance on initiatives prevails upon outcomes which too resonates. We need to look closely at the products and services that you or your organisation support - and that on seeking - to consider those products and services identifying an attendance. And having said and done that if atrophy is still the order of things then to apply a levy (threshold based covering all) to those who do not attend affixed to convert to ETS Kind regards Caroline

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