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Submitted by garima banerjee on
Bring back the gold standard for money and let go of fiat currency. Let countries rich in natural resources be responsbile for manufacturing and selling their own goods and products according to their own policies and dissolve the WTO. Stop Free trade and monocultures. Stop the carbon footprint on each commodity by going local. Let corporates be taxed according to the wealth they have hoarded. Equal distribution of wealth can only happen if the rich are taxed heavily and the middle class is taxed less and the poor not at all. Schools, college education, Medical facilities must be free for all citizens around the world. Manufacturing Big cars that drink oil must stop and carpooling must be a rule. Government must spend on infrastructure and other services and must help make agriculture a viable occupation. The world must be without borders and governments must be in place to facilitate lives of people and make living easy and not as a hindrace towards living a life of dignity. Corporates must not be treated as a individuals but individuals that make the corporates must be socially and morally responsible for the society they work in. These are the things I can think of right now....

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