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Submitted by George Williams on
The Question of what can be done to eradicate poverty is much easier to ask than finding a less complex response to. There are critical falacies in the quest to adress poverty especially at the global level. Critical amongst the many issues are: The first step to addressing poverty is to develop a definittion that transcends mere economic consideration but that incorporates culture, religion, political, and other geo-spatial considerations pf affected people. Secondly, the global practice of ranking and defining poverty of less developed countries with theri more advance counter-parts only worsen global perspection of poverty. Thirdly, poverty in its absolute sense may be reduced but often without regard of the unintended consequences that come about with the institutions of anti-poverty measures that further impoverishes connected populations. Fighting "poverty" require the redictribution of resoruces from more resoruced communities to less developed communities. However, if poverty has is a presence of a lack, then shifting resources may result necesarily lead to deprivations in in more developed parts. Alternatively, the global system must seek equity and justice in the commodity valuation system so much so that the resources, irrespective of corruption, are used to empower, improve living conditions, increase domestic outlook etc. Globa economic justice not aid or grants will improve the world and its people.

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