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Submitted by Golam Robbani on
I disagree with the idea that a (special) fund can help ending poverty because poverty is a symptom of the sufferings -- not the cause (in most cases/countries) of it. Funds can help reduce a bit but cannot end it. Funds create many problems in the process of solving poverty. Obviously, treating a symptom can hardly help cure a disease. According to my understanding and experience, the main cause of poverty is political corruption. The poor and less-educated people do understand economics but what they do not understand is how get rid of the grips of political exploitation by educated elites in the society. They are locked in a trap of public-private interface of (good) governance. Good governance (no corruption) is a public good but controlled by political elites as a private good to make money. The supply of good governance is driven by the theory of public choice which cannot be tackled by the poor because of collective action problem. The poor need help but not for how to get out of poverty-- they can do it by themselves; they do need help on how to get rid of "legitimate" exploitations by the people in power. In most poor countries, there is no rule of law but law of rulers. If anyone, or any organization, can help in this line, poverty will disappear. Is there any help available for this?

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