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Submitted by Chuma on
In my opinion I think more attention should be directed to constructing a robust food production, productivity and supply, and agricultural systems, which are achievable thus: Firstly, by recognizing as in-alienable people’s rights to food and right to minimum social safety system. People should be allowed to partake in the fresh pact for food and agriculture; Secondly, by providing fundamental social protection method. This guarantees a fail-safe against shocks on those vulnerable to poverty and counteracts the negative effects there-from. We must focus on financial transparency and accountability practice and transition method to avert dependency; Lastly, but not the least, to fight poverty, we must know where poverty resides, where people (the victims) who are affected by poverty are and how poverty varies among them. We should formulate voices of those vulnerable to poverty; they must be exposed; and not shut up anymore. To do this, we should improve on the hunger awareness and feedback systems. Adopting the new ICT’s is indispensable as they can augment the competence of the system.

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