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Submitted by My Nguyen on
Sustainable Development Strategy- CDM is a key tool for developing countries to get out of poverty, to achieve rapid sustainable development. Strategic approach: Arising from the need to solve the urgent problems of waste everywhere and to reduce greenhouse gas, from urban to rural areas, WB and developed country governments and international organizations should use the (Clean development Mechanism) CDM’s design and implementation for rural agricultures and urban solid and sanitation wastewater. Each waste management project serves as an ideal opportunity to develop local community skills, to boost Education and Training everywhere. Leverage multiple benefits from jobs (prioritised for local community) created during projects implementation, construction and operation phases and production of valuable products to further economic activities and closing the loop of sustainable development, GDP growth & development of appropriate sciences and technologies. From small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises for machinery, equipment & technology applications, etc. the process enable women and youths in urban and rural areas, peasants and low income workers to gradually master the skills in management, production, economics, science and technology. The projects also provide the market with organic and recycled material products useful for domestic needs and exports. This brings the end to poverty, and closing the social and economics gaps.

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