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Dear President Kim Thank You for having the heart and understanding to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the problems we face today in our society. This would be my first time to reach out (in the internet) and share my ideas how to address problems such as poverty and certain social issues of similar concern. Your online Video has prompted me to write on this blog and i hope it reaches you! Personally in my opinion, you can (almost) try every solution that can be presented, but if the current system of (any) government or institution is still in place and in control of its people, you can spend a lifetime changing the world over and over again, and it will still go back to where it was because the system still exists where the powerful and influential can still manipulate the system. (Being rich and influential is not bad, it just happens that many ABUSE their powers and influence) If you are looking for innovative solutions then you need a new system that works. If you want greater prosperity for all people then you have to TEACH them for free and then get them involved in a system that provides equal opportunity and benefits (regardless of race, gender, educational attainment, nationality etc.) to improve their lives. Such a system does exist. And i wish i could share it with President Kim one day because if his mission is really to eradicate poverty, then i guess its worth posting this. I am a Professional Nurse and a Social Entrepreneur in a third world country where poverty is evident. The dedication of me and my friends to improve the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters has led us to Entrepreneurship because we have seen and are in the front lines of taking care of those in need. -rich or poor (mostly poor people). The awful truth: ... IF YOU ARE POOR or don't have enough money! You will rarely get access to QUALITY health care. The current system limits the actions of those who want to take care of you. The reason: you have no money to pay for the medical care Result: a lot of people die (sometimes slowly) THINK CANCER. Where is the value of life in that? Solution: We took the initiative to Educate People for Free on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and engage in an income generating business that requires only the strive to be successful. No college diplomas, no government support, no red tape etc. Just plain Ordinary People who want to be Successful and give Value to life. And we have been very very successful.. :) I guess my message to be simple is: i have the a potential solution to your concerns about: Malnutrition, Job Creation, Preventive Health, Education, Better Future for our children stuff like that! *i dont not sure how this post works but i hope i shared something of value!* :)

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