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Submitted by Geoff on
Dear President Kim I appreciate the opportunity to provide comments related to your article. I feel that we have many issues facing us globally and effort needs to be very focussed in a number of areas. There are many messages that we have now about how we are placed currently and where things are trending. This covers poverty, environmental, resources, to name a few. In the work that I do through Leadership Coaching, I bring about change in others and I have been doing that for many years. What I do notice is that change lasts and that it spreads around that inidividual/team, much like a "ripple effect" flowing through organisations, communities and society. As I am very passionate about "making a difference" in more recent times I have been exploring opportunities to gather the efforts globally to create change. I put together a video for Richard Branson who ran a Pitch TV initiative, I have been involved in the Richard Branson Carbon War Room project on climate change and also involved with Dick Smith on sustainability. I am also connected with a global coaching group and have intiated this approach. I believe the time is right now to work with key people, aggregate efforts and bring about change. My approach is to select key leaders in important areas relevant to the world, then support them in facilitating change. I would appreciate your feedback on this approach and also your support Regards, Geoff Leadership Coach "Global Transformation through Leadership Performance"

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