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Submitted by Suchith on
I think if we are to make transformative changes to the poverty reality we need to address the systems. This might mean that we need to look at looking at new/alternative models of development and economics. 1. Everything starts in our minds .. so does poverty. They say that poverty is something human created, so its our own thoughts and therefore our actions that contribute to the continued challenge of poverty. Unless we are able to really be conscious of implications our thoughts and action have towards continuing poverty in the world we will be able to make a significant change. We need to be more conscious and aware ! 2. Ending Greed The other side of the coin when it comes to poverty is GREED. Has humans we've become very greedy to live certain lifestyles. These are well beyond our basic needs, our greed prevents us from sharing of what we have with those who do not have even their basic needs met. Can we end poverty without addressing greed? 3. Redefining 'development' and system-wide changes When you look at the fact that we have limited resources and a growing population there is a strong need shown for sustainable lifestyles. The old 'western led development ( what is conceived to be 'developed' ) has failed us. Though there are pockets of sustainable communities we need to take the learning experiments to make systematic changes to how we operate our world. We have created financial markets that serve the rich to be richer and some of these complex system are now failing leaving many people in poverty. Are we really ready to change this reality or are we happy of the benefits we have from the status quo? 3. Ethics and Responsibility I think we need to understanding eradication of poverty is not something optional it is a basic ethical obligation each of us and therfore all the institutions we have created have. I think #what will it take is a paradigm change where we take in to account key principles as the above and open ourselves up for big changes.

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