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Submitted by Mansoor Ahmad on
I am a Pakistani journalist. I see nothing wrong with Pakistan's economy. It only needs good governance. It needs honest and dedicated leaders. We need rule of law. We need equal opportunities in all spheres of life. Equality in health facilities, equality in education facilities, appointments on merit. We need fair and transparent accountability. The world donor institutions always press every Pakistani government for temporary changes that might take the country out of crisis at that moment. There should be no subsidies which mostly go to the rich. We do not need any government concessions but only level playing field with equal opportunities for all. We need honest, competent and hardworking bureaucracy we need a judiciary that dispenses justice quickly and efficiently and does not play to the gallery. Pakistan needs above all tolerance. Tolerance would come with fair play, justice, good governance and transparency. Mansoor Ahmad Senior Economic Reporter The News Lahore Pakistan

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