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Submitted by Anthony on
Two things are majorly responsible for poverty in developing countries. The first one is corruption and the other is ignorance or illiteracy. Corrupt leaders would do anything to prevent their people access to good education, knowing fully well that "education makes it easier to govern the people but makes it harder to enslave them" . So all investment aimed at good education would end up failing at delivery. I think the crusade against extreme poverty should start by enlighteening the people on the need to be educated. Get the acceptance of the people in developing world, make them understand the link between poverty and illiteracy and the way out. The avarage poor man needs the miracle of the mind. A transformation that would start from within. We must be ready to fight corruption. The will power and the determination must be very strong. We may never win the battle against extreme poverty if we fail to win the battle against corruption and greed.

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